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just wondering if anyone has a solution to using the expand/collapsegroup events and detailexpand/collapse events to control multiple grids (both grids contain the same rows with the same columns with a unique identifier - ID - The two grids just show additional data). In other words if I open a group/detail on one grid the other grid opens closes.
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 answered on 10 May 2021
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Is there a way to sync the scrolling of two vertical panes... If I scroll down in the left pane I want the right pane to scroll to the same top distance and vise versa..
Ivan Danchev
Telerik team
 answered on 05 May 2021
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I am in need of quarterly and yearly views for my current Scheduler project.  Has anyone created a quarterly timeline view for the PHP UI?  Can you provide an example?
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 answered on 03 May 2021
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Hi, i'm a newb in codeigniter and have a nice project and i want to use / purchase Kendo Ui, but is ther a tutorial, how a can add and use kendo ui in codeigniter ??

An MVC example would by nice.

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 answered on 21 Apr 2021
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I looked in the documentation and samples but I didn't find, how to save the edited image on the server with PHP?
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 answered on 14 Apr 2021
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i see in inline demo the read and write in server, in PHP demo is not exist but exist in JQuery demo

why the server code is not documented ?. (in JQuery demo)

thank you.


Ivan Danchev
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 answered on 10 Mar 2021
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i need add a button and my self code in toolbar it's possible ?


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 answered on 08 Mar 2021
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  I use the official Remote Binding example,But with no results returned, I get an empty GRID. could you help me to check my code?  I'm sure there is no problem with JSON-Returning File Test02.php. It can return JSON results。

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 answered on 03 Mar 2021
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This is not so much a question, but more tip for those looking to do the same.

I'm usiing Kendo + PHP Wrappers in various projects and for all my new projects I have started using composer as an easy way to reuse code and pull in external libraries. The only frustration I had was that I couldn't use this method to pull in the Kendo library.

So I decided to create my own little composer package, which is basically just a wrapper for the entire Kendo library. It contains both the PHP files and the js/css files.

For my most recent project I am using the Laravel 4 Framework (awesome, check it out:, so my package is focused on Laravel, but really it should work for all frameworks (no laravel dependencies).

Since Kendo PHP is not open source, I could not simply create a github project and be done with it. Instead I set up a private Composer repository using Satis, using this tutorial: composer/satis tutorial

That was fairly straightforward and easy to do. To host the library, I created a private subversion repository on my private server (I'll be migrating everything to git once I have more time...) which contains the kendo js, css and php files.

The next step was to make sure that when I include the Kendo Composer package, the Composer Autoload function works as expected. To make that work, I had to add the following section to my composer.json file:
"autoload": {
    "classmap": [
This will ensure that whenever composer updates or installs, it scans the entire library folder and generates a classmap for autoloading. You won't have to manually include any more classes and when the Kendo library is updated, a simple composer update should do the trick for you.

I just thought I'd share this with everyone in case people are trying to do the same. If you would like to get a similar setup and run into issues, I'm more than happy to help! :)

Telerik team
 answered on 18 Aug 2020
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I use kendo diagram. There is a problem about HierarchicalDataSource that does not make a request to API to update of itself.

There is an example of the code on the below;

$transport = new \Kendo\Data\DataSourceTransport();
$create = new \Kendo\Data\DataSourceTransportCreate();
$read = new \Kendo\Data\DataSourceTransportRead();
$update = new \Kendo\Data\DataSourceTransportUpdate();
$destroy = new \Kendo\Data\DataSourceTransportDestroy();
    ->parameterMap('function(data) {
      return kendo.stringify(data);
$model = new \Kendo\Data\HierarchicalDataSourceSchemaModel();
$schema = new \Kendo\Data\HierarchicalDataSourceSchema();
$dataSource = new \Kendo\Data\HierarchicalDataSource();
$layout = new \Kendo\Dataviz\UI\DiagramLayout();
$shapeContent = new \Kendo\Dataviz\UI\DiagramShapeDefaultsContent();
$shape_defaults = new \Kendo\Dataviz\UI\DiagramShapeDefaults();
$shape_defaults->visual(new \Kendo\JavaScriptFunction('visualTemplate'))
$stroke = new \Kendo\Dataviz\UI\DiagramConnectionDefaultsStroke();
$connection_defaults = new \Kendo\Dataviz\UI\DiagramConnectionDefaults();
$diagram = new \Kendo\Dataviz\UI\Diagram('diagram');
    ->editable(array("drag" => false, "resize" => false,
        "tools" => (array) array(
            array("name" => "createShape"),
            array("name" => "edit"),
            array("name" => "delete"),
            array("type" => "button", "text" => "Resim", "click" => new \Kendo\JavaScriptFunction('function(e) { exportImg() }')),
            array("type" => "button", "text" => "PDF", "click" => new \Kendo\JavaScriptFunction('function(e) { exportPdf() }')),
            array("type" => "button", "text" => "SVG", "click" => new \Kendo\JavaScriptFunction('function(e) { exportSvg() }')),
        "shapeTemplate" => new \Kendo\JavaScriptFunction('kendo.template(
                "<div class=\"k-edit-label\"><label>Başlık</label></div>" +
                "<div class=\"k-edit-field\"><input class=\"k-textbox\" type=\"text\" name = \"Title\" id=\"Title\"/></div>" +
                "<div class=\"k-edit-label\"><label>İş Grubu</label></div>" +
                "<div class=\"k-edit-field\"><input type=\"checkbox\" class=\"k-checkbox\" name = \"Type\" id=\"Type\"/></div>" +
                "<div class=\"k-edit-label\"><label>Bağlı Departman</label></div>" +
                "<div class=\"k-edit-field\"><input id=\"ParentId\" name = \"ParentId\"/></div>")')
    ->select('function(e) {
        $.each(e.selected, function($k, $v){
            if(typeof($v.type) == "function"){
$render = $diagram->render();
 $results = array("Render" => $render);
return response()->JSON($results);
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 answered on 17 Aug 2020