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Telerik UI for PHP


What's Coming in 2021?

In the next 2021/early 2022 releases of Telerik UI for PHP, we're delighted to reveal the new components and features that will be included.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support and invite you to use our dedicated feedback portal to submit your thoughts, plans, and ideas for what you'd want to see developed next in the PHP suite.

Telerik UI for PHP

Avatar Component

New component R1 2022
When you need to add application choices for initials, icons, or photos representing individuals or objects, the new Avatar UI for PHP component will come in handy.

Circular Progress Bar

New component
You may visualize execution progress with dynamic circular shapes with determinate and indeterminate states, segments, and customizable ranges in different colors, thanks to the CircularProgressBar UI component.

TimeDurationPicker Component

New component Customer Feedback
We plan to introduce the TimeDurationPicker component to the offering with capabilities to configure and select up multiple time duration intervals: days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, which has been one of the most requested items in the community.

Data Grid Features

New feature
We plan to improve the PHP Grid UI component with a number of new capabilities in the coming releases, including:
  • CTRL+Click behavior with several sorts
  • Rows drag and drop as built-in feature
  • Option to fit all columns width to content
  • Grid search support for non-string fields
  • and more!

Editor Undo & Redo Features

New feature
Built-in functionality for undo and redo user operations will be added to the UI for the PHP Editor component.

TextBox & TextArea Enhancements

New feature R2 2022
The Character Counter function will be turned on or off next to the relevant element in the TextBox and TextArea components in the near future. This improves the user experience and clarifies the character count as the user types their information.

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