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Fiddler Jam Embedded

We are introducing a new Fiddler Jam Embedded library that allows you to easily integrate the capture and share functionalities into your application. You can integrate the Embeddable library through a simple code snippet while having full control of the UI. This way, your end-users will be able to report issues regarding your app through a simple button and submit those directly into your workspace. More information can be found in “My Resources” and through Settings in the Fiddler Jam portal.

Specified Time Submission

Your end-users can now choose a smaller portion and submit a specific duration of the recorded log. This will prevent lengthy recordings and will allow for a more focused analysis of the problem. The new functionality is available with the new DOM video format which can be switched on before the start of capture from the Advanced Options in the Fiddler Jam extension. After recording the session, your end-users will be able to select the most important part of the recording and select the last several seconds or minutes to submit.


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