Fiddler Jam


What's Coming in 2021?

Fiddler Jam Troubleshooting

New Feature: Video Recording

The Fiddler Jam team is working on introducing a Video Recording feature. This feature will help you gather more information and context about the end-user's session, which will make the troubleshooting process more straightforward.

New Feature: Capture Local and Session Storage

You can expect additional functionality because the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension will capture information stored in local storage and session storage when capturing sessions. This feature will help you receive further information essential to identifying and resolving the problem.

New Feature: Capture Parameters Information

This new feature will allow the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension to store its parameters and settings as they were during the capturing process. These parameters will later be visible to the user to determine how the end-user used the extension, and it will ensure the session was captured as intended.

New Feature: Clear Cache and Cookies

In the upcoming releases of 2021, Fiddler Jam will provide the option to clear the browser cache and the browser cookies before starting to capture sessions with the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension.

New Feature: Capture User Events

Another new feature that you can look forward to in Fiddler Jam is the ability to capture end-user events such as:

  • Mouse-click
  • Navigate to
  • Press "Enter" and "Tab" keys
  • Open new tab
  • And more!

These events will give additional context to the users reviewing shared log captures.

New Feature: Audit Logs

The new functionality will be available through the new Audit Logs feature coming to Fiddler Jam. For greater security and control, you will keep track of who accessed what within the product.

New Feature: Predefined Recording Link

Fiddler Jam will allow customization options and the functionality to generate a link with predefined recording parameters. As a user, you will be able to input custom messages, specify metadata, and include custom branding details such as logos and colors. This feature will also let you set parameters like starting URL, capturing filters, capture target, custom actions on completion, and more!


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