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New UI for ASP.NET MVC CircularProgressBar

With R2 2022, we’ve added a new progress bar component with a circular indicator. The new ASP.NET MVC CircularProgressBar allows you to visualize the progress of a particular process or task as a circle. The component includes:  

  • Finite and infinite modes support 

  • Center template, which allows you to customize the circle’s center with text or HTML elements 

  • Colors feature, which letslet’s you to assign different colors to value ranges  

CircularProgressBar in UI for ASP.NET MVC

New UI for ASP.NET MVC ColorGradient

The new standalone ColorGradient UI component enables users to select a color through a gradient. The ASP.NET MVCColor Gradient features a hue and an alpha slider along with manual HEX and RGB inputs for identifying the desired color. It also comes with a contrast tool that analyzes the contrast ratio between two colors, visualizes it and outputs a pass/fail report for WCAG standards. Other accessibility features include built-in support for keyboard navigation.   

ColorGradient in UI for ASP.NET MVC

New UI for ASP.NET MVC FlatColorPicker

The Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC FlatColorPicker component enables users to select and edit colors using a palette or a gradient. The component’s header and footer contain shortcuts for switching between the palette and gradient views, applying, previewing and cancelling changes. While it’s similar to the ColorPicker component, the FlatColorPicker comes in a simpler form, without the typical popup.  

FlatColorPicker in UI for ASP.NET MVC

New UI for ASP.NET MVC ColorPalette

The ColorPalette for ASP.NET MVC provides a variety of predefined color sets and the flexibility to define your own set of colors (any valid CSS color). The ColorPalette is compliant with WAI-ARIA, Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 standards and comes with built-in keyboard navigation support.  

ColorPalette in UI for ASP.NET MVC

New Spreadsheet Feature: Dynamic Change of Size

The ASP.NET MVC Spreadsheet UI component can now automatically change the number of its rows and columns and adjust its size based on the amount of data it needs to load. The new Resize method allows dynamic sheet resizing on pasting more data than the current sheet size can fit, plus flexible behavior when adding and deleting columns and rows from the toolbar. 

New Event in TreeView Component

The TreeView component now features a LoadCompleted event. It allows you to trigger certain operations or define custom logic only when the complete data is loaded.  

New Ocean Blue Color Swatch in UI for ASP.NET MVC

The latest update adds a brand new Default Ocean Blue color swatch to both the Telerik and Kendo UI themes. A swatch is a set of predefined and curated color combinations that offer variations to the look and feel of our various themes. While the Telerik and Kendo UI components already adhere to the highest accessibility standards, using this swatch will help improve accessibility compliance even further. All Telerik component demos have been updated and use the new Ocean Blue swatch.  



New Dark Theme Available in UI for ASP.NET MVC Docs & Demos

With the second release of 2022, we’ve added a new dark theme in the ASP.NET MVC docs & demos. The Dark mode has become a preferred style for many developers as it reduces eye strain, ensures good color contrast and improves accessibility. You can now easily switch between light and dark modes and browse through the resources in your favorite mode.    

Dark theme in UI for ASP.NET MVC

Accessibility Improvements in UI for ASP.NET MVC

The Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC library is undergoing an accessibility review using the industry standard testing process. In addition to the high-contrast Ocean Blue theme, with this release, we have addressed and improved multiple items and will continue this effort throughout the year.  

Accessibility Improvements in UI for ASP.NET MVC

Updated VPAT Document in UI for ASP.NET MVC

We have updated our existing Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) to the latest version and according to the most recent accessibility improvements that have been made to our UI components.  

New Features in Telerik Document Processing for ASP.NET MVC

In the R2 2022 release, we have something new for those of you using the SpreadProcessing and PdfProcessing libraries of Telerik Document Processing! In the latest UI for ASP.NET MVC distribution package, you will find several of the most-wanted items from our Feedback Portal, such as:  

  • Insertion and deletion of comments (SpreadProcessing): Allows adding rules used during cells visualization and applies formatting depending on their values.  

  • Implementing cell reference to whole columns (SpreadProcessing  

  • Support for Type 3 fonts in PdfProcessing   


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