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Utilize Arrange, Act, Assert (AAA) Pattern

JustMock utilizes a AAA pattern that helps you keep your unit tests well structured, clean and readable. It comes with one intuitive, fluent and easy-to-use API with better discoverability.
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  • As Simple as AAA

    This simple pattern, Arrange, Act, Assert (AAA) makes it easy to quickly and intuitively mock objects in unit tests.

    • Arrange: Initializes objects, creates mocks with arguments that are passed to the method under test and adds expectations.
    • Act: Invokes the method or property under test with the arranged parameters.
    • Assert: Verifies that the action of the method under test behaves as expected.

    With AAA, there is always a single starting point and options are contextually valid. The AAA pattern helps you keep your unit tests well structured, clean and readable. This pattern stays the same, regardless of what you are mocking.

    ArrangeActAssert (AAA)

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