KendoReact Server Globalization Overview

Globalization is a process which combines the translation of component messages (localization) with their adaptation to specific cultures (internationalization).

KendoReact Server Components are in an experimental phase and are not intended for production use. APIs may change without introducing a breaking change. Please refer to the Umbrella GitHub issue for general feedback, bug reports, and more information.

In KendoReact Server Components, globalization is enabled through:

  • The Internationalization package—Provides services for parsing and formatting of dates and numbers.

  • The Localization options—Provide the infrastructure for rendering the messages of the components and applying right-to-left (RTL) support.

KendoReact Server Globalization Mechanism

The KendoReact Server Globalization package helps you to reduce the bundle size of your multi-lingual apps:

  • KendoReact Server Internationalization—All of the loaded locale data stays on the server. Only the locale information of the currently selected language is included in the bundle and sent to the client.

  • KendoReact Server Localization—The localization process of the KendoReact Server Components happens on the server and all of the messages stay on the server. They are not included in the bundle size which is sent to the client.

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