Latest Release
26 March 2024

Breaking Changes:

  • A copy of the data collection is no longer sent to the client unless explicitly specified, as a result demos with editing (cell & row) now require passing DataProvider to the Grid to work properly.
  • The state now only keeps a reference to the data item's id's and column's id's for various functionalities.


  • Added environment detection which allows the Grid to be used both on the server (RSC/SSR) or completely on the client (CSR).
  • Added DetailsRow & DetailsCell render slots + a demo showcasing how can they be utilized to render a Master-Detail Row.


  • Markup payload reduce by 66% whenever a copy of the data is not needed - for example, when editing functionality is not being used.

Docs & Demos:

1 February 2024

Breaking Changes

  • EDIT_ACTION has been renamed to DATA_ACTION
  • The result from a DATA_ACTION is now contained into the payload argument of the callback, while the data argument remains the original item.


Globalization Package

We are introducing Globalization Package. This comprehensive package enhances the adaptability and user experience of your components through two key features: Localization and Internationalization.

  1. Localization
  • The Localization functionality allows you to adapt components to different locales by providing options for translating messages. Key features include:

    • Management of message translations.
    • Loading of imported JSON messages.
  1. Internationalization
  • The Internationalization functionality facilitates the application cultures. Key features include:

    • parsing and formatting dates and numbers.
    • Handling of date formats, numeric representations, and other culturally dependent elements.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve a performance regression which resulted in a copy of each data-item to end up into the client bundle


  • Columns can now be configured by the schema prop. The default identifier of a column remains the field property, but it can be further customized to a different field.

19 December 2023

  • Add a cjs distribution

15 December 2023

  • Stability improvements over the initial release.
  • Improved loading indicator of the rows based on the state.take property
  • Add no-data view for when resolved data.length is 0

13 December 2023

Initial release of package @progress/kendo-react-server-components.


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