KendoReact Server Grid Globalization Overview

The Globalization process combines the translation of component messages with adapting them to specific locales.

For more information on how globalization practices are implemented in KendoReact, refer to the overview article.

KendoReact Server Components are in an experimental phase and are not intended for production use. APIs may change without introducing a breaking change. Please refer to the Umbrella GitHub issue for general feedback, bug reports, and more information.


The following table lists the built-in message keys and their default values.

Message KeyDefault Value
grid.filterEqOperatorIs equal to
grid.filterNotEqOperatorIs not equal to
grid.filterIsNullOperatorIs null
grid.filterIsNotNullOperatorIs not null
grid.filterIsEmptyOperatorIs empty
grid.filterIsNotEmptyOperatorIs not empty
grid.filterStartsWithOperatorStarts with
grid.filterNotContainsOperatorDoes not contain
grid.filterEndsWithOperatorEnds with
grid.filterGteOperatorIs greater than or equal to
grid.filterGtOperatorIs greater than
grid.filterLteOperatorIs less than or equal to
grid.filterLtOperatorIs less than
grid.filterIsTrueIs true
grid.filterIsFalseIs false
grid.filterAfterOrEqualOperatorIs after or equal to
grid.filterAfterOperatorIs after
grid.filterBeforeOperatorIs before
grid.filterBeforeOrEqualOperatorIs before or equal to
grid.filterChooseOperatorChoose Operator
grid.filterSelectedItemsselected items
grid.detailExpandExpand detail row
grid.detailCollapseCollapse detail row

The following example demonstrates how to use globalization with KendoReact Server Data Grid.

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