The Solid Foundation for Your Unity XR Apps

Your time is priceless. Speed-up your extended reality development by focusing on application logic and virtual environment. We've got the rest covered.


Spending Too Much Time on Seemingly Basic Functionality in Your XR Applications?

Want to Take Back Control and Deliver Your App Ahead of Schedule?

Implementing proper and intuitive interaction, input and navigation in a virtual world can be cumbersome, time-consuming, frustrating even.

Telerik UI for Unity XR is a set of professionally crafted customizable components, on a mission to help you build AR and VR applications with Unity 3D much faster.

Motions, Interactions and CanvasUI, part of Telerik UI for Unity XR, in action.

Exactly What Your Unity Projects Need to Succeed

Why reinvent the wheel when there is a great solution ready for you? Use Telerik UI for Unity XR as the solid foundation for your Unity projects to:

Gain more time to focus on content and application logic

Ensure consistent behavior across all your applications

Delight your users with a superb experience

Explore All 20+ XR Components

+ Demo scenes and ready to use drag-and-drop prefabs

Telerik XR Complete

Get all the components in one single comprehensive package. Comes with additional integration demo scenes and prefabs for a complete XR solution.

Telerik XR Motions

Provides components for setting up the player movement in the scene.

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  • XR Rig with Nav Mesh Agent designed for cross-platform development
  • XR Camera with Fadeout Overlay and Tunnel Vision functionalities
  • Smooth locomotion
  • Teleportation curves
Telerik XR Interactions

Provides components for setting up scene interactions with hands and controllers.

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  • Controller tooltips
  • Controller pointer
  • Hand pointer
  • Finger pointer
  • Touch surface canvas
  • Skinned hand mesh
  • Hand tracking
  • Hand gestures
Telerik XR CanvasUI

Provides canvas UI components specifically designed for XR experiences to ensure best edge quality even when having a closer look.

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  • XR Button
  • XR Dropdown
  • XR Input Field
  • XR Scroll View
  • XR Slider
  • XR Toggle
  • XR Keyboard

More Than Just Assets

As XR developers ourselves, we’ve developed dozens of AR and VR applications for internal and external use. We’ve sweated over our projects, too. We’ve been building professional components for other platforms and frameworks for over 18 years, and Telerik UI for Unity XR is carefully crafted to help you reduce application bootstrap time and frustration.


100% Unity and C#

Built with C# from the ground up, following Unity’s best practices.

Simple Drag-and-Drop Prefabs

Just drag the needed prefab(s) on your scene, configure some settings and jump straight into the application logic—the XR components will take care of the rest.

Long-Term Maintenance

Always stay up to date with the latest Unity versions and new functionality.

Samples and Documentation

Comprehensive documentation right within your Unity projects. Explore the sample scenes and learn how to set up the needed components.

Award-Winning Support

Your success is our mission, and our technical support team will do their best to help you move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is XR?
  • What is Unity?
  • Do I need a license for Unity to build XR app?
  • What is the programming language for Unity?
  • Besides C#, what other skills do I need to create XR apps?
  • What XR devices are supported by Telerik?
  • What is Unity’s Asset Store?
  • How do I get started with Telerik’s assets?

Want to Take Control Back and Deliver Your App Ahead of Schedule?