KendoReact Animation Overview

The KendoReact Animation uses the TransitionGroup component to animate elements which appear, enter, or exit the viewport.

The KendoReact Animation component is part of the KendoReact library of React UI components. It is distributed through NPM under the kendo-react-animation package.

The following example demonstrates the Animation Component in action.

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Key Features

The KendoReact Animation provides a wide and always growing range of built-in features that isn't limited by the list in this section. This developer-friendly feature set allows you to create beautiful and functional applications faster. At the same time, the KendoReact development team works constantly to improve the performance of the components and their capabilities.


The Animation components animate their content by using various animation effects like Fade, Reveal, Expand, and more. Read more about the available animation types...


All Animation types enable you to control the duration of the entering and exiting animation effects. You can set the preferred enter and exit duration in milliseconds. Read more about the animation duration...


The Animations provide a set of the predefined directions which allow you to control their entering and exiting effects. Read more about the animation direction...


The KendoReact Animations enable you to customize their behavior by configuring the Animation component. Read more about the customization of the animations...

Support Options

For any questions about the use of KendoReact Animation, or any other KendoReact components, there are several support options available:

  • KendoReact license holders and anyone in an active trial can take advantage of the outstanding KendoReact customer support delivered by the developers who built the library. To submit a support ticket, use the Telerik support system.
  • The KendoReact forums are part of the free support you can get from the community and from the KendoReact team on all kinds of general issues.
  • KendoReact Feedback Portal and KendoReact Roadmap provide information on the features in discussion and also those planned for release.
  • KendoReact uses GitHub Issues as its bug tracker, and you can submit any related reports there. Also, check out the closed list.
  • Need something unique that is tailor-made for your project? Progress offers its Progress Services group that can work with you to create any customized solution that you might need.