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    I'm finding that the RadListBox doesn't play well with other controls that utilize layering.  Internally we use a jQuery menu that cascades down on MouseOver.  We also use the AJAX Toolkit Calendar control that overlays a calendar.  In both instances, the menu and the calendar control go over everything on the page (other ASP.NET controls, other Telerik Controls include RadGrids) but the RadListBox stays as the top most item and blocks the menu and calendar control.  I've tried manually setting the z-index of the RadListBox but it doesn't seem to have any impact.  It's something that's set within one of the default styles because if I set EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet and EnableEmbeddedSkins both to false then the issue goes away.  Of course so then does the nice visual of the RadListBox.  I've tried overriding the styles using the StyleBuilder.  I've verified that there's nothing within these Styles that cause the issue.  It seems to be something within the RadListBox style but I haven't examined that particular style to try to find out what.  Any ideas or suggestions on overriding that particular style or suggestions on how to prevent that one style from being included while still allowing me customize other aspects of the styling?
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    Hi stynes,

    Unless we inspect this we will be unable to tell what is causing it.

    Please provide us with a live URL where we can observe the issue. Also please specify the version of the browser in which you are seeing this.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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