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    Hello, I would like to make a chart like this: http://uswebpro.com/temp/chart.gif
    My datasource looks like this: http://uswebpro.com/temp/salePErEventDay.gif
    I am trying to use the chart wizard for this. However when ever I make a change, it closes automatically.
    example, right after I make the change picutred here, it closes: http://uswebpro.com/temp/chart-wiz.gif

    Could someone please tell me why it keeps closing, or just tell me how to set the chart up manually? Many thanks!

  2. Answer
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    Hello Kansa,

    Indeed, this seems to be a bug in the chart wizard. I have attached a small example of a similar chart.  In order to get this running without sending database files I have used a DataTable to populate the chart.

    As RadChart does not support DateTime values, but it supports their OLE Automation equivalents, so there are 3 double columns and not two double and one DateTime column. You can still use the same chart with a SqlDataSource -- just remove the entire code behind and update your SqlDataSource as shown in this forum post, so that DateTime values are converted to doubles.

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  3. Aron
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    Worked like a charm, thanks Ves

    Sample code:

     <telerik:RadChart ID="RadChart1" runat="server" AutoLayout="true" Skin="Hay" Visible="false" Width="1000">
                    <telerik:ChartSeries Name="DailyRevenue" DataYColumn="DailyRevenue">
                    <telerik:ChartSeries Name="TotalOrders" DataYColumn="TotalOrders">
                    <XAxis IsZeroBased="false" DataLabelsColumn="OrderDate">
                        <Appearance ValueFormat="ShortDate">

        protected void ImageButton1_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)
            RadChart1.Visible = true;

            DataTable tbl = new DataTable();
            DataColumn col = new DataColumn("OrderDate");
            col.DataType = typeof(double);
            col = new DataColumn("DailyRevenue");
            col.DataType = typeof(double);
            col = new DataColumn("TotalOrders");
            col.DataType = typeof(double);

            VSalePerEventPerDayCollection vcol = new VSalePerEventPerDayCollection().Where(VSalePerEventPerDay.Columns.ShowId, ShowSelectorControl1.SelectedValue).Load();

            foreach (VSalePerEventPerDay day in vcol)
                tbl.Rows.Add(new object[] { day.OrderDate.Value.ToOADate(), day.DailyRevenue, day.TotalOrders });

            RadChart1.ChartTitle.TextBlock.Text = ShowSelectorControl1.SelectedItem.Text;
            RadChart1.DataSource = tbl;

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