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    I have some problem with MDI windows.
    In IE9 a opened window appears above a div (restricion zone, with red border - see screen please).
    In IE8 everything is ok.
    My code to open window:
    var wnd =, name);
    var browserWin = wnd.BrowserWindow;
     var fResize = new browserWin.Function("sender", "args", "OnClientResize(sender,args);");
     var fEndDrag = new browserWin.Function("sender", "args", "OnClientDragEnd(sender,args);");
     if (cookie_max == 1 || cookie_max == "1") wnd.Maximize();
    I'm using Telerik 2010.1.415.20.
    My div (restricion zone) doesn't have width and height.
    Where is a problem?

    UPDATE: When div has width and height - window shows in proper way. But I don't want to specify size of restrict zone.
  2. Marin Bratanov
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     The restriction zone functionality requires that it has width and height set in pixels. This is so because we cannot be alerted if its dimensions change, as a simple HTML element does not offer events for this. Also, a restriction zone must always have sufficient dimensions that can contain the RadWindow you try to open inside.The dimensions must be in pixels, because percentage values change and when the browser is asked for them it will not return actual size in pixels, but the percentage value. Most of these limitations come from the way browsers and HTML work and cannot be avoided. I would also advise that you upgrade to the latest version as 1) it supports IE9 and 2) there have been improvements on the restriction zone functionality in some edge cases in the summer of 2011.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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