"window.open" is not working using radtooltipmanager control

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    I have a problem in opening a window form after opening the radtooltipmanager..
    Please view the webpage http://israel-jewelry-center.com/Pages/Categories/Bracelets.aspx. By coming over any item, a radtooltipmanager opens, and by clicking the big image, a radwindow opens.
    The requirements is to change the radwindow control with a window (using the javascript command window.open). 
    I added the following code to the Bracelets.aspx page:
    function CloseActiveToolTipAndOpenUrl(path) {
                setTimeout(function () {
                    var tooltip = Telerik.Web.UI.RadToolTip.getCurrent();
                    if (tooltip) {
                        tooltip. hide();
                        window.open(path, "mywindow", "status=1");
                }, 1000);

    But unfortunatily, just the command tooltip.hide() is executed, but the window.open(path, "mywindow", "status=1") didn't.
    I dont understand why is that.

    Please download the sample application from http://www.israel-jewelry-center.com/ToolTipSampleApplication.rar 

    Please, I need your help,
    It is appreciated to send me the modified code with an explaination,

  2. Marin Bratanov
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    Posted 29 Apr 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Bader,

    You sample is not runnable and I had to take out all database-related calls.

    That aside here are a few suggestions:

    • The ToolTip is a client object, you should work with it on the client-side, because after the postback of the button there might be no active tooltip and thus the window.open() function inside the if statement will not be called
    • Attaching the CloseActiveToolTipAndOpenUrl() function to the client click event of the image button successfully opens a new browser window as you can see in the demo from my test: .
    • I would recommend setting a RelativeTo property of the RadToolTipManager
    • There are two RadWindowManagers with the same id - one in the user control and one in the main page. This might cause some issues so I would recommend changing one of them, or removing the irrelevant one since you are not going to be opening a RadWIndow, but a browser window.
    • The easiest way to pass the required URL from the code-behind (as this is your scenario) is to use the AjaxPanel's response scripts and change the value of a global variable

    For your convenience I modified your page to do that. You can find it attached.

    the Telerik team

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