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       We are using telerik version 2011.1.413.35. The width & height of Radwindow doesnt get reflected in many places. I have also width and height property in cssclass with '!important' specified in class even though it is not getting reflected.. I guess it its takes its default size. the following code i have used,

    <telerik:RadWindowManager ID="RadWindowManager2" runat="server" ReloadOnShow="false"
                <telerik:RadWindow ID="radWindowAccountCodePopup" Behavior="Close" VisibleTitlebar="false"
                    Modal="true" Width="578px" runat="server" Height="450px" NavigateUrl="~\Admin\AccountCodePopup.aspx"
                <telerik:RadWindow ID="radWindowAddDescriptionPopup" Behavior="Close" VisibleTitlebar="false"
                    Modal="true" Width="750px" runat="server" Height="550px" NavigateUrl="~\Admin\ClassDescriptionPopup.aspx"
                <telerik:RadWindow ID="radWindowThumbNailFileUploadPopup" Behavior="Close" VisibleTitlebar="false"
                    Modal="true" Width="750px" runat="server" OnClientClose="CallBackFunctionService"
                    Height="300px" NavigateUrl="~/Admin/ImageUpload.aspx" VisibleStatusbar="false">
                <telerik:RadWindow ID="radWindowLargeFileUploadPopup" Behavior="Close" VisibleTitlebar="false"
                    Modal="true" OnClientClose="CallBackFunctionService" Width="750px" Height="300px"
                    NavigateUrl="~/Admin/ImageUpload.aspx" runat="server" VisibleStatusbar="false">
                <telerik:RadWindow ID="radWindowOpenCancelClassPopup" Behavior="Close" VisibleTitlebar="false"
                    Modal="true" Width="750px" runat="server" Height="600px" NavigateUrl="~/Admin/CancelClass.aspx"

    Please guide me..

  2. Gimmik
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    Hi Hema,

    I tried your code in a new project and it seems to work fine for me. I would suggest you remove your CSS files as a test.  Make sure nothing else is trying to set or change the window size. If you still can't get it to work - I suggest you send your whole project to Telerik Support for help. They are really good at getting to the root of the issue. But the code snippet you posted works fine for me.

    Hope this helps!
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