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  1. Aaron Abdis
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    Posted 02 Jul 2018 Link to this post

    We're seeing some really weird behavior in the group headers in our Grid. 
    I just downloaded and updated to the latest version (v.2018.2.516.45), just in case it was some bug that had been fixed, but it didn't help.

    Screenshot 1 is how it looks when I first come in with just today's court schedule selected. Take specific note of the BOROUGH: KINGS; Cases: 5 group.

    Screenshot 2 is how it looks when I change the filter in include tomorrow's court schedule included too. Note that the group that was BOROUGH: KINGS now no longer shows the correct case count, instead just showing Cases: {0} .

    Screenshot 3, things get even weirder! This is what shows after I click the sort button on the "BOROUGH" group header to change the boroughs to descending sort. Note how the KINGS borough group now shows that it showing 1 of 5 items, continued on the next page, even though there IS no next page, and as can be seen in Screenshot 2, there is only one item in the group. Note that this only happens with the multiple days selected. If I change the sort order in Screenshot 1, with only today's schedule selected, then everything displays fine. 

    Here is the code for the group by expressions for the grid... 

    02.    <telerik:gridgroupbyexpression>
    03.        <groupbyfields>
    04.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldalias="BILLED" fieldname="BILLED" headertext="Billed" sortorder="ascending" />
    05.        </groupbyfields>
    06.        <selectfields>
    07.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldalias="BILLED" fieldname="BILLED" headertext="Billed" />
    08.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldalias="TOTALBILLED" fieldname="BILLED" headertext="Total" aggregate="Count" />
    09.        </selectfields>
    10.    </telerik:gridgroupbyexpression>
    11.    <telerik:gridgroupbyexpression>
    12.        <groupbyfields>
    13.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldalias="DATED" fieldname="DATED" formatstring="{0:MM/dd/yyyy}" headertext="Court Date" sortorder="Ascending" />
    14.        </groupbyfields>
    15.        <selectfields>
    16.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldalias="DATED" fieldname="DATED" formatstring="{0:MM/dd/yyyy}" headertext="Court Date" />
    17.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldalias="TOTALDATED" fieldname="DATED" headertext="Total" aggregate="Count" />
    18.        </selectfields>
    19.    </telerik:gridgroupbyexpression>
    20.    <telerik:gridgroupbyexpression>
    21.        <groupbyfields>
    22.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldname="BOROUGH" headertext="Borough" />
    23.        </groupbyfields>
    24.        <selectfields>
    25.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldname="BOROUGH" headertext="Borough" />
    26.            <telerik:gridgroupbyfield fieldname="CASEID" aggregate="CountDistinct" headertext="Cases" />
    27.        </selectfields>
    28.    </telerik:gridgroupbyexpression>


  2. Tsvetomir
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    Posted 05 Jul 2018 Link to this post

    Hi Aaron,

    To resolve the issue, you can try to add the EnableLinqGrouping property to the MasterTableView of the RadGrid and set it to false. You may refer to the following code snippet: 
    <MasterTableView AutoGenerateColumns="False" EnableLinqGrouping="false">

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  3. Xiacon
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    Posted 05 Jul 2018 in reply to Tsvetomir Link to this post

    Thanks; that worked!


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