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WebResource.axd - Editor with Custom Skin...

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Christian asked on 01 Dec 2008, 12:47 PM

I am using the RadEditor with Custom Skin. The skin is an exact copy of the Office2007 skin and has not been altered in any way. My Editor is defined in the file like this:

                <Telerik:SpellCheckerLanguage Code="da-DK" Title="Dansk" />  
            <Telerik:SpellCheckerLanguage Code="en-US" Title="Engelsk" />  
            <Telerik:EditorCssFile Value="~/Skins/QmanagerDefault/Qmanager/EditorContentArea.css" />  

The Editor works fine and it looks great. I do however get this error, when looking at the traffic in Fiddler (summary):
Result      URL 
200     http://novaq01/WebResource.axd?d=PWVHrV3Qhq_fF1o6VioC5vkazWhn1z53TfFMOS3WtSzJ7FWxn_0V7X_tliMYN0Wcmg_Ft1lbOh5eIYOKg1vRacA1zok5pn96oPZ52ayShrzrv6ZfOYRmSbiMo0CEf3EJ0&t=633487783559193485 
404     http://novaq01/WebResource.axd?d=QRiUblSp-RLHbaZ42JbTjLJidFnQE4lLRSqoMLNsAfrp4UQl4QNBjQsTWUBKFSykfjE0v6ld45-cAjU6Alj3aC7gTHdaVq3Fy4INHRiK7is1&t=633621778888683156 

Please note that the request on line 1 works fine but the request in line 2 returns "404 Not found":


Can you help me with this?

Best Regards,

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Telerik team
answered on 04 Dec 2008, 09:43 AM
Hi Christian,

Please, make sure that you are using the latest version 2008.3.1125 of Telerik.Web.UI.dll.

I made a test with the latest version of RadEditor Q3 SP1 2008 and I was unable to reproduce the reported problem using the Office2007 external skin. For your convenience I have attached my project. Please, test it, modify it and send it back so that I can reproduce the error on my side.

Best regards,
the Telerik team

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