Visible vs Display on Grid Column Definition

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  1. Matthew
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    Hello; I have two questions.

    What is the difference between the Visible property and the Display property on a RadGrid's Column definition?

    For example:

    <rad:RadGrid ID="gdCompanies" runat="server"
      <MasterTableView AutoGenerateColumns="false" EditMode="EditForms"
        <rad:GridBoundColumn DataField="CompanyId" UniqueName="CompanyId" 

    Also, is there a way to disable a field (specifically a GridBoundColumn) from being displayed in edit mode? I have tried visible=false and display=false, but the field is still displayed in edit mode (EditForms flavor).



  2. Schlurk
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    The visible property is used through server-side to determine whether or not an item should be rendered to the page, while display simply changes the CSS style to 'display:none';. Basically if you are just trying to dynamically show/hide columns the Display property is the way to go.

    As for disabling a column in the edit-form, try setting the column's ReadOnly property to true (false by default).
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