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    I'm interested in using the Timelineview of the RadScheduler control in a project I'm working on to allocate tasks to resources, and have a few questions. I need to display the Timelineview over multiple days (1-14 days, selectable setting) at 30m intervals. For an indication of what i'm trying to replicate using RadScheduler, please see the attached screenshot.

    1. I need to display a header with the date and subheader for each hour. The ColumnHeader is fine for 1 day display, but for multiple days display it is quite useless. I need the date to be visible above the hours as i scroll horizontally to the next day, if not, the user does not know which day the hours are when multiple days are displayed.
    2. The working day is from 0800-1900. I need the Timelineview to end at 1900 and next column is then 0800 the next day. Is this possible?
    3. I need to set a hard line at the end of the day, i.e. change the style of the vertical bar at the end of 1900 to visually indicate a new day starts. How can this be done?
    4. I need to set a moving time line across all resources, which is updated every 1 minutes, to display current time on a day. Is there  a possibility to visually indicate in the timelineview what the current time is? (see red line in attached screenshot)
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    Hi mgs,

    That's an interesting project you're working on. I was curious to see if it's possible so I setup a quick RadSchedule project. I was able to get fairly close, but I'm not sure if some of the feature are possible. You may want to submit this question to Telerik support. If anyone can answer your question - they can. However, I was able to get the TimeLineView to display in a method similar to the way you wanted (see attached image.) Let me know if you find answers - I would like to try this out myself!

    Good Luck,
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    Hello Magnus,

    The following forum thread might provide with ideas how to achieve this -

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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