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    I'm trying to create a reusable server control that will act as a "Help control" - it will render an image (or an image button) and will display a rich tooltip after clicking (or hovering) containing some help-related data. Since there can be a lot of content in the tooltip and there can be many of these controls on the page I would like to load the content only on demand - for instance from a Web Service.

    I know that RadToolTip itself has no support for loading content from Web Service - I have to use RadToolTipManager or handle loading data on my own and use RadToolTip. What will be the best way (considering the performace and reusability) to achieve this : 

    1. Each Help control creates a RadToolTipManager for itself

    2. Assume that there is one RadToolTipManager (for instance in master page) and use it to display tooltips. (But how to access it since there is no RadToolTipManagerProxy)

    3. Each Help control creates an empty RadToolTip for itselft, loads the content from web service on its own and when its loaded uses RadToolTip client side API to fill the tooltip with the content and show it.

    Or maybe there is a better solution ?


    Jacek Toren

  2. Svetlina Anati
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    Hi Jacek,

     What I suggest is the following:

    1) Use only one separate RadToolTip control instead of RadToolTipManager
    2) Use RadXmlHttpPanel to easily get the data from the WebService:

    This approach will be best as performance and not very complicated to implement so that it will be easier to maintain it.

    On a side note, in the upcoming Q2 release we will introduce a new control called RadNotification which will support this functionality (a separate, light popup with load on demand ability) and you might try it once it is available.

    the Telerik team

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