Using ProgressArea for Long Export process from Database table

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    I have an ASP.Net page with a button on it that the user can click on Export data from a database table.  Usually this can be a long process if there are thousands of records to export.

    I was trying to the use the ProgressArea to show the progress of the export so the user can see how far along it is.

    I tried following the basic demo you have that shows a "Start Processing" button.  But it is not coming out the same way on my ASP.Net when clicking on the Export button.

    Version of the Telerik software I am using is 2015.3.930.40

    The issues I am seeing:

    - The text in the ProgressArea still shows "Uploading Files".  This has nothing to do with uploading files.  The export gets data from the database table and puts it in a file on the client side.

    - The ProgressArea does not disappear after export has completed.

    Attached is a screenshot of what I am seeing. 

    Please help!


    Keith Jackson

  2. Keith
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    Posted 20 Nov 2015 Link to this post

    I was able to figure it out.

    In the Page_Init, you have to put the following code for changing the text:

                        RadProgressArea1.Localization.UploadedFiles = "Export Progress"
                        RadProgressArea1.Localization.CurrentFileName = ""

    But I also changed the ASP.Net code to the following:

            <telerik:RadProgressManager ID="RadProgressManager1" runat="server" />
            <telerik:radprogressarea id="RadProgressArea1" runat="server"

    In the loop for the export process, I put the following:

                     ' Show Progress of Export
                    progress.SecondaryTotal = 100
                    progress.SecondaryValue = intRows
                    progress.SecondaryPercent = Math.Round((intRows * 100) / pDataSet.Tables(0).Rows.Count)
                    progress.CurrentOperationText = "Record " & intRows.ToString() & " of " & pDataSet.Tables(0).Rows.Count.ToString

    At the end of the export process, I put the following code:

                ' Tell ProgressArea that export process is done.
                progress.OperationComplete = True

    This last line of code helps make the ProgressArea disappear.


    Keith Jackson

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