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    I am using extensions\wpresources\RadEditorSharePoint\ .
    In moss, I want implement popup new windows for Links inside rad editor, I want to mention custom width n height (  They may chage in next developemnt)

    trial -1:
    I tried to use directly inside radwindow  bt it didn't worked out, this piece of code striping by itself.

    trial -2

    I gone through  yur foum and you are using OnclientLoad javascript method for 

    So I tried to implement it.  see below :

    On page layout 
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function OnClientLoad(editor)
           editor.attachEventHandler ("onclick", function (e)
                var sel = editor.getSelectedElement(); ; //get the currently selected element
                var href = null;
                var ele = document.getElementById("popupwindow");
    if (ele)
    if (sel.tagName == "A")
     href = sel.href; //get the href value of the selected link, null, "height=500,width=500,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no");
    return false;

    For telerik:
    <telerik:RadHtmlField id="pagecontent" FieldName="PublishingPageContent" runat="server" AllowSpecialTags="true" OnClientLoad="OnClientLoad"/>

    URl link will be like this, in HTML mode rad-
    <div id = "popupwindow">
    <a href blah blah>
    But I am getting an error :
    An error occurred during the processing of . Type 'Telerik.SharePoint.FieldEditor.RadHtmlField' does not have a public property named 'OnClientLoad'.

    Trial -3 :

    In configfile.xml :  I added <property name="OnClientLoad">OnClientLoad</property> 
    still I am getting error: -> does not have a public property named 'OnClientLoad'.

    Any suggestions???  Is there any way i can implement these popup links with custom width n height inside rad editor?
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    Posted 17 Feb 2011 Link to this post

    Hi pr,

    You need to use the ASP.NET AJAX version of RadEditor for MOSS, which now is 5.8.6. What I suggest you to do is upgrade to it. You can download a fully functional trial and follow the next upgrade article: Upgrade Instructions from version 4.x to version 5.x.

    Also review the following online help articles:
    Set Properties Via Config File
    Add/Remove tools from the toolbar
    ExternalDialogsPath property

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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