Using InPlace EditMode causes drop down lists to put DataTextField into DataValueField

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    I have a grid that works great.

    When I edit it I fill a combo box with data.  Everything works great until I change EditMode to InPlace.  When I do that the combo box has the DataTextField in its SelectedValue field.

    Here is how I load the data into the RadComboBox.

    ddlSecurityRole.DataSource = ocRoles
    ddlSecurityRole.DataTextField = "Description"
    ddlSecurityRole.DataValueField = "ID"

    When I read the data I do this.
    O.ID_SecurityRole = CLng(DirectCast(objEI("SecurityRole").Controls(0), RadComboBox).SelectedValue)

    If I have EditMode="InPlace" in my MasterTableView tag then the .SelectedValue equals the Description instead of the ID.

    If I remove EditMode="InPlace" then .SelectedValue equals the ID.
  2. Jayesh Goyani
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    Please check below link, In this link i have provided sample code.

    Let me know if any concern.

    Jayesh Goyani
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