Using AsyncUpload with Long Server Side Processes

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    Good Morning,

    I just downloaded the ASP.NET AJAX toolkit so I could start testing the AsyncUpload functionality.  Sorry for the long post but I'm trying to determine if the AsyncUpload control will be better than the control we are currently using.

    Currently we have an upload control from another vendor that allows us to do the same functionality as the AsyncUpload but their support is lacking in helping us figure out an issue we're having.  I've chosen to evaluate the AsyncUpload controls to see if it will work better in our environment.

    Currently our environment is a mixture of Windows XP and Windows 7 (almost all 32-bit). We have a few IE7 browsers out there but most are at least IE8 and silverlight has been pushed out to as many of our workstations as we could.  Our application is written in ASP.Net with VB.Net as the code-behind that we use and our server is running IIS6.

    We have a website that allows our staff to upload multiple images at a single time.  Once they've been uploaded a server-side event fires and imports the files into our EDMS for long term storage.  Our problem is that due to the amount of load on our EDMS sometimes the server-side events take a while (up to 6-7 seconds per file) and eventually we run into an issue with the IE setting for ReceiveTimeout.  Once the client goes past the ReceiveTimeout setting our upload process starts getting errors because the client is now disconnected from the server-side.

    In an effort to avoide the ReceiveTimeout related errors, we'd like to send an update from the server-side back to the client letting it know that it has finished processing a file.  We expect that because the client receives a response from the server that it would reset the ReceiveTimeout timer and our app would not have the timing issues we currently are having.

    Do you know if the AsyncUpload control works within an UpdatePanel control?  Also, is there a way that the server-side Completed event can send an update back to the client-side so it knows it got a response?  If these can be done, and I can prove that it works, we will consider purchasing the ASP.Net AJAX tools just for the AsyncUpload controls.

    Again, sorry for the long post, I'm just trying to determine if this control will work to help us resolve our current issue.


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    Hi Josh,

    Thank you for contacting Telerik support.

    Straight to the points:
    RadAsyncUpload can upload multiple files when either Adobe Flash Player (v.10 or newer) or Silverlight for the file selection dialog to allow selecting multiple files. If neither Flash nor Silverlight is available, RadAsyncUpload will gracefully degrade to single file selection as on this on-line demo.

    For your major question about the Long Server Process -so far we are not aware of any issues with RadAsyncUpload concerning such problems so I will recommend you to test it yourself in similar scenario or elaborate a little bit how we could reproduce the same behavior. I am attaching a sample test web page for this purpose.

    It can work in UpdatePanel or when RadAjaxManager is used as it is shown in this demo.

    As for the questions about the "can send an update back to the client-side so it knows it got a response" would you plea elaborate a little bit what should this issue do because it is no quite clear?

    Hope this information will be helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions.

    the Telerik team
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