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    I am confused about the user of a RadAjaxManagerProxy within a User Control. My scenario is this: I have a main page that has a RadGrid with a button to add a new row at the top. This page is ajaxified with a RadAjaxManager. I have the RadGrid set to update the RadGrid only in the RadAjaxManager in the main form. When the user select to add a row, an edit form is displayed in line using a User Control (ascx). Up until now I did not have a RadAjaxManagerProxy within the user control, but it was brought to my attention that there were performance issues. Specifically when a user selects an item in a RadComboBox in the user control I need to bind another RadComboBox to data based on the selection made in the first RadComboBox. It is here that the performance issue was noticed. In this setup all post-backs are asynchronous and the form (main and user control) do their thing without any full page post-backs. I assume that because the RadGrid updates the RadGrid, that covers the user control in the RadGrid updating itself.

    So I decided to fine-tune the ajax settings, by adding a RadAjaxManagerProxy to the user control and adding an ajax setting that specifies that the first RadComboBox updates the second RadComboBox. The result is no apparent change. I have run this with Fiddler and the request and response sizes are unchanged, with or without the proxy. 

    Is this what is to be expected? I would think that the proxy would reduce the request and response size for the simple update of one combo box in the user control. Is it the case that the RadAjaxManager settings in the main page override anything set in the proxy?

    Thanks, Steve
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    Note that in the described scenario there is no need to add a RadAjaxManagerProxy in the UserControl which is loaded in already ajaxified RadGrid. Actually this is not a supported scenario to have nested ajax setting and this may cause different errors on the page. In this case if you have the luck to build the page without any errors the Ajax request will be handled only by the outer RadAjaxManager and it is expected to have the same response in both cases.

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    Maria Ilieva
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