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    I am currently looking into the ASP.Net Scheduler control as I think it may be a good fit for an application I may soon be tasked with building. What the application will most likely involve, and where the Scheduler could conceivably be used is for a module that will allow shipping managers in our plant to select one or more orders from a list (contained in a ListBox, or Tree Control or some other list view), and "schedule" them to be shipped on a given day within a given week by adding them to the scheduler (calendar). Because things are apt to change in our environment (such as orders being placed on hold or being delayed), the same managers would need to "shuffle" the shipping dates for particular orders, possibly moving them to another date in another week or month.

    With relation to the "lists" I mentioned above is there anyway to configure the editing templates that the Scheduler provides to add list type controls such as Listbox or Tree Controls that would allow for one or more selections and upon selection drop the "selected list" of orders into the specific day date and make a call to update our database applying the shipping date? Also does the scheduler support any dragging and dropping capability external of the control such as if I wanted to maybe select and drag a list of orders from an external list control onto the calendar of the Scheduler? 

    Essentially this application's aim is to (potentially) replace a manual Excel spreadsheet that our shipping manager uses today to prepare a weekly shipping schedule for orders (based on a spreadsheet he receives from another user with order#s) - the spreadsheet data is essentially manipulated external of the database. In looking at the Scheduler control it seems perfect for the task, if only not for appointments than adding a list of orders.
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    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your interest in RadScheduler.

    In regards to your questions, RadScheduler does provide an ability for customization of its advanced insert/edit form as well of its inline form. The following online demo shows an example of this case scenario:

    As for dragging and dropping appointments from an external control into the RadScheduler itselft -- it is completelly supported by RadScheduler. The following online demos show an example of dragging appointments from a RadGrid and a RadTreeView respectively:

    I hope this will help!

    the Telerik team
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