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    I have never used the radmenu before. I have a form where the user has to select a geographic location. There are 5 types of locations and the way it is stored in a SQL table is that there is a code of LR, LU, LS, LT, LU which stand for LR (location region),LU ( location urban), LC (location country), LS (location state), and LT (location UK counties) and these prefix the field and then the rest of the field has the location info. So for example LU/gb.eng.liverp would mean that this is and urban location called Liverpool wihich is has location in England in the United Kingdom. This is all in one field, and there is no mapping fields or table. I have to figure out how to give the user a way to filter the choices of region,country, state, and urban.

    My choice would be to use a combo box but then thought of using a menu and saw the example of the file/edit and when click on edit->font and listing of fonts appear. Is there any way to do menu where I would have one item called Location, and when they click on it, 5 items drop down, and there can be a right arrow for each, and I can load the location depending if they choose state, or urban. I am not sure if this would be the most efficient way to do this. Would it be better to use a combo box? And if so, is there a way to do it similar to how I describe?

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