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    I developed an  application using  ASP.NET AJAXQ32008 trial version. When I upgraded to the licence version of  ASP.NET AJAXQ12009, I had the following error.

     1)Telerik.Web.UI.RadToolBar with ID='toolBar' was unable to find embedded skin with name 'Gray'. Please, make sure that you spelled the skin name correctly, or if you want to use a custom skin, set EnableEmbeddedSkins=false.

    2)My customized styles for Grid are not working

    Please tell me the steps for installing the licence version for already developed application using trial version.



  2. ManniAT
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    I guess reading this thread could help:

    Your problems have nothing to do with trial / release - they occur because the skinning mechanism changed in some of the last versions. BUT - you are still able to use the old mechanism. Or use the skins provided in the post above.
    About customization - take care some CSS classes (names) did change also.

    And about the first point (the error message tells what you should do) pleases read here: http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/disabling_embedded_resources.html


  3. Jesse Flint
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    I think its rather bad form to TOTALLY change the skins out from underneath us.

    I have an application that uses radgrid all over the place with the Office 2007 skin.. and when I upgrade the controls, ALL of the pages in the are now broken and look COMPLETELY different.

    I love the idea of new skins, but why not just make NEW skins, not override the ones that weve been using already... .If its called Office 2007, that shouldnt Change..

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