Trouble with RadGrid Virtualization AND Custom Paging

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  1. Dan
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    Posted 27 Jan 2014 Link to this post

    I am trying to get a RadGrid to support both Virtualization and Custom Paging.  I can get either to work fine, but not both together.  This is my code for NeedDataSource below.  It seems that CurrentPageIndex  is always set to 0.  I would expect that to increment with the virtual scrolling.

      protected void RadGrid1_NeedDataSource(object source, Telerik.Web.UI.GridNeedDataSourceEventArgs e)
                int startRowIndex = RadGrid1.CurrentPageIndex * RadGrid1.PageSize;
                int maxRows = RadGrid1.PageSize;
                var reportDetails = DataAccess.GetReportDetails(Convert.ToInt32(reportSummary["ReportSummaryId"]), startRowIndex, maxRows);
                RadGrid1.DataSource = reportDetails;

            protected void RadAjaxPanel_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
                string userKey = Common.GetUserKeyFromCookie(Request);
                DataTable reportSummaryTable = DataAccess.GetReportSummary(userKey, "SelectFollows");
                reportSummary = reportSummaryTable.Rows[0];
                int recordCount = Convert.ToInt32(reportSummary["RecordCount"]);
                RadGrid1.MasterTableView.VirtualItemCount = recordCount;
                RadGrid1.VirtualItemCount = recordCount;

    The code from my ASPX is:

    <telerik:RadAjaxPanel runat="server" ID="RadAjaxPanel" OnInit="RadAjaxPanel_Init" LoadingPanelID="RadAjaxLoadingPanel1">
            <telerik:RadGrid AutoGenerateColumns="False" ID="RadGrid1" PageSize="100" OnNeedDataSource="RadGrid1_NeedDataSource" runat="server">
                <PagerStyle Mode="NextPrevAndNumeric" />
                <GroupingSettings CaseSensitive="false" />
                <MasterTableView AllowCustomPaging="true" AllowPaging="true" TableLayout="Fixed">
                        <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="ScreenName" HeaderText="ScreenName" HeaderStyle-Width="250px" DataField="ScreenName"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
                        <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="ProfileImage" HeaderText="Photo" HeaderStyle-Width="250px" DataField="ProfileImage"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
                <ClientSettings ReorderColumnsOnClient="true" AllowColumnsReorder="true" ColumnsReorderMethod="Reorder">
                    <Virtualization EnableVirtualization="true" InitiallyCachedItemsCount="100"
                        LoadingPanelID="RadAjaxLoadingPanel1" ItemsPerView="100" />
                    <Scrolling AllowScroll="true" EnableVirtualScrollPaging="true" UseStaticHeaders="true" ScrollHeight="500px" />
                    <Resizing AllowColumnResize="true" />
                <PagerStyle Mode="NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced"></PagerStyle>

  2. Pavlina
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    Posted 31 Jan 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Dan,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    RadGrid Virtualization functionality is not implemented to works with custom paging, therefore you can not get them work fine together. However, I discussed this scenario with our developers and they said that we can improve the Virtualization in order to make it work when custom paging is enabled. We have also logged this request in our ideas and feedback portal.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience this might cause you.

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  3. Chandini
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    Posted 14 Nov 2019 in reply to Pavlina Link to this post

    Hello Dan,

    I'm checking to see if the custom paging works with the virtualization now? Please update



  4. Eyup
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    Posted 19 Nov 2019 Link to this post

    Hello Chandini,


    There is now a solution to demonstrate how you can achieve this requirement. You can find the Knowledge Base link provided here:

    I hope this will prove helpful.


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