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    I am loading in a treeview in a combo box for a user editing page...the combox box loads demographics, On first load if you have previously selected demographics i have got the combo to select the previous one you have chosen from the database but comparing the text and using the following



    Me.RadComboBox1.Attributes.Item("TreeviewSelectedItem") Is Nothing Then



    If objuser.DivisionTwo <> 0 Then



    Me.RadComboBox1.Attributes.Add("TreeviewSelectedItem", objuser.DivisionTwoDesc)



    ElseIf objuser.DivisionOne <> 0 Then



    Me.RadComboBox1.Attributes.Add("TreeviewSelectedItem", objuser.DivisionOneDesc)



    ElseIf objuser.PearsonBusiness <> 0 Then



    Me.RadComboBox1.Attributes.Add("TreeviewSelectedItem", objuser.PearsonBusinessDesc)






    Me.RadComboBox1.Attributes.Add("TreeviewSelectedItem", "Please select a division")



    End If



    End If

    this works and does preload the correct demographic in the combobox, but problem is when you press 'save' again and havent changed the combo box when it goes to save the demos if have this code to get the chosen id



    Dim NewRadTreeDivisions As Telerik.Web.UI.RadTreeView



    Dim DivisionValue As Integer





    NewRadTreeDivisions = RadComboBox1.Items(0).FindControl(




    If NewRadTreeDivisions.SelectedValue = "" Then





    DivisionValue = 0







    DivisionValue = NewRadTreeDivisions.SelectedValue


    End If






    but now at this point NewRadTreeDivisions.SelectedValue  does equal "" therefore sets it back to 0.  even though the correct text is shown in the box the value isnt being passed can i get this to keep the id???

    thank you!


  2. Yana
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    Posted 20 Jul 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Caroline,

    The provided code is not enough to replicate the issue, could you please open a support ticket and send us a simple page demonstrating the problem there? Thanks a lot

    the Telerik team

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