Tooltip on RadChart (bar) shows at top of page

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    I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but I've searched through the documentation, and I can't seem to find anyone else reporting this issue.  In short, I have a RadChart (bar).  I've implemented tooltips using the OnItemDataBound event and the RadToolTipManager.  The tooltips are showing up as I mouseover different items (bars) in the chart, but it is displaying at the top of the browser window rather than over the item that I have moused over.  

    Here is the relevant aspx code:

    <telerik:RadChart ID="RadChart1" runat="server" Width="950px" Height="400px"
        SeriesOrientation="Horizontal" OnClick="RadChart1_OnClick" BorderWidth="0"
            IntelligentLabelsEnabled="True" PlotArea-Appearance-Dimensions-Margins="15%,10%,30%,10%"
            SkinsOverrideStyles="false" Skin="Custom" OnItemDataBound="RadChart1_OnItemDataBound">
    <telerik:RadToolTipManager ID="RadToolTipManager1" runat="server" Animation="Slide"
        Position="TopCenter" EnableShadow="true" ToolTipZoneID="RadChart1"

    Here is code behind:

    protected void RadChart1_OnItemDataBound(object sender, ChartItemDataBoundEventArgs e)
                e.SeriesItem.ActiveRegion.Tooltip = ((DataRowView)e.DataItem)["Answer"].ToString();

    any ideas?  Thanks!

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    It looks like you have set AutoTooltipify="true" for the RadToolTipManager. It appears that this is tooltipifying an element of the display that you do not intend to enable, and this may be overriding your intended target.

    See the "Some RadToolTip tips & tricks" resource page for insights.

    Hope this helps.
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