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  1. Cristian
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    Posted 01 Feb 2012 Link to this post

    Hi guys I have the next mapped image
    <img src="../App_Themes/img/estados.png" width="630" height="439" border="0" usemap="#EA70" />
                                                        <MAP NAME="EA70">
                                                        <area shape="rect" coords="309,101,428,123" href="iuEvalSolc.aspx" title="Solicitudes Enviadas 1004">
                                                        <area shape="rect" coords="159,179,279,201" href="EA82.htm" title="Solicitudes Rechazadas 620">
                                                        <area shape="rect" coords="460,179,580,201" href="iuRevDoc.aspx" title="Solicitudes Aceptadas 557">
                                                        <area shape="rect" coords="460,324,580,345" href="iuRegProvContr.aspx" title="Solicitudes Dictaminadas 941">
                                                        <area shape="rect" coords="459,408,579,430" href="EA75.htm" title="Solicitudes Cerradas 278">
                                                        <area shape="rect" coords="159,20,279,42" href="iuSolRegistrada.aspx">
                                                        <area shape="rect" coords="9,101,129,123" href="iuSolCancelada.aspx" title="Solicitudes Canceladas 334">
                                                        <area shape="rect" coords="460,249,580,271" href="iuRevDoc.aspx" title="Solicitudes en Revision 775">
    The image corresponds each area corresponds a stage in my application.
    What I want to do is on mouseover each area display a tooltip that shows the count of records for each stage, I'm using Entity framwork.
    Hope your help.
  2. Shinu
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    Posted 02 Feb 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Cristian,

    Take a look at the following demo.
    ToolTip / RadToolTip with ImageMap.

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