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    I have a Grid. Grid is bound and OnItemDatabound event I am configuring target control for my tooltip manager like:

     rttManager.TargetControls.Add(e.Item.ClientID, "myValue", true);

    Tooltip manager:
    <telerik:RadToolTipManager ID="rttManager" runat="server" OnAjaxUpdate="rttManager_AjaxUpdate" 
            ShowEvent="OnClick" HideEvent="ManualClose" Position="BottomLeft" 
            OnClientBeforeShow="RttManager_BeforeShow" RelativeTo="Element" OffsetY="-1" OffsetX="-6" ShowCallout="false"

    So effectively my tooltip should be relative to row  element in the grid.
    Now I FF 3.5.7, everything is ok and the tooltip renders as:

    <div id="RadToolTipWrapper_ctl00_ctl00_mainContentHolder_contentHolder_rttManager1101263315470997"  
    class="RadToolTip RadToolTip_Telerik "  
    unselectable="on" style="position: absolute; z-index: 8000; visibility: visible; left: 277px; top: 430px;"

    In IE8 and IE7 it renders:
    <DIV style="Z-INDEX: 8000; POSITION: absolute; VISIBILITY: visible; TOP: 430px; LEFT: 0px" id=RadToolTipWrapper_ctl00_ctl00_mainContentHolder_contentHolder_rttManager1071263315770540  
    class="RadToolTip RadToolTip_Telerik " unselectable="on"

    Notice the Left: 0PX in IE8. Now what can cause this problem ?

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