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  1. Sean Overman
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    Posted 10 Feb 2011 Link to this post

    When using the new feature mentioned: here (Slot Selection), I've encountered the following bug. 
    I've defined a context menu inside my schedule control as follows:

        <tel:RadSchedulerContextMenu ID="TimeSlotContextMenu" runat="server" >
                <tel:RadMenuItem Text="Assign Employee" Value="NoClick" />

    Then server side I dynamically add child menu items to this root item: 

    private void CreateTimeSlotMenu() {
        RadMenuItem menu = TimeSlotContextMenu.Items.FindItemByText("Assign Employee");
        DataTable dtValidEmps = DAL.GetEmployeesForCalendar(_accountID, _locationID);
        foreach (DataRow dr in dtValidEmps.Rows) {
            menu.Items.Add(new RadMenuItem() {Text = (string)dr["EmployeeName"], Value = string.Format("AssignEmp{0}",dr["EmployeeID"])});

    I attach to the TimeSlotContextMenuItemClickedEventHandler event server side, and when I get the TimeSlot object from the TimeSlotContextMenuItemClickedEventArgs it doesn't contain the full duration of the selected timeslot, instead its just the block of time like 9-9:30.

    I am doing something wrong here?  How do I get the full duration of the selected time slice, on the server side?

    I created a support ticket for this as well, but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.
  2. Nikolay Tsenkov
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    Posted 16 Feb 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Sean,

    You are correct, there is no way to get the length of the selected area on this event. And this is because it's not implemented, yet.

    The is logged as a future development task and hopefully soon it will be scheduled for implementation.
    Thank you for reporting this!

    Nikolay Tsenkov
    the Telerik team
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