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Muhammad Yasir
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Muhammad Yasir asked on 10 Apr 2023, 11:33 AM | edited on 11 Apr 2023, 10:09 AM


I've been facing a issue of timeout script not trigger.  I'm using asp.net webform telerik version R2 2021 SP1 (version 2021.2.616.
If I don't click any page from menu and any button (consider as do nothing for 59seconds) so after 59 seconds when I click any other page from menu or click any button, so application automatically logout and go to logout page.

clientevents ResponseEnd not trigger after 1minute tererik version  R2 2021 SP1 (version 2021.2.616.

Yasir Khan

Telerik team
commented on 11 Apr 2023, 01:02 PM

Hi Muhammad,

It sounds like you are experiencing a timeout issue with your ASP.NET webform application using Telerik. In order to troubleshoot this issue, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Check your web.config file: Make sure that your web.config file has the correct settings for session timeouts. You can set the session timeout in the <system.web> section of your web.config file. For example:

       <sessionState timeout="1" />

    This will set the session timeout to 1 minute. You may need to adjust this value to suit your application's needs.
  • Look for any Timer controls in your application that can cause this issue.
  • Check the server logs for any downtimes or IIS pool restarts.
  • Check your code to make sure that you are not inadvertently resetting the session timeout or logging out the user. Look for any code that explicitly sets the session timeout or logs out the user.
  • Check for client-side issues: If you are using client-side code to interact with the application, make sure that your client-side code is not causing the issue. Check for any JavaScript errors in the browser console.

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