Template Demo - Deleting Tabs not working??

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    I have taken the template demo whichuses an icon on the Tab to handle Tab deletions. On the face of it this seems to work perfectly as the Tabs disappear as expected. But, strange things start happening if you start dynamically adding new tabs.

    I have a menu (actually a Toolbar) that when an option is selected it dynamically creates a new tab and page view. Now this works without any problem whatsoever. I have also used the template Tabstrip example to allow the Tab to be removed by displaying the red cross on the tab. That to works - click the cross and the tab disappears.

    However, If I add say 4 tabs and then delete 2 I am left with 2 (correct) BUT if I now add another Tab the 2 Tabs that were deleted reappear! In fact, if you trace through the code you see straight away when adding the last Tab that the item count is 4 when it should be 2.

    Can anyone explain this? Look, I'm no expert on Client side versus server side by any stretch of the imagination but it looks like there may be something there. The delete is taking place client side and the insert on the server side.

    Also, I have a Skin Chooser in the toolbar and the moment I select a new skin the page is refreshed and all the deleted Tabs reappear!
    I'm trying to create a BI reporting system and it would be really nice to allow the user to open multiple reports or dashboards in a Tab like fashion. This means they can switch between 2 reports easily and not have toopen multiple sessions.

    I have also looked at the Windows control which is really nice but might have some limitations.


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    Hello Campbell,

    Because of the custom scenario you attempt to implement, I would like to ask you to open a support ticket along with a runnable sample attached, demonstrating the faced issue. Thus we could inspect it locally and provide you with the proper solution.

    the Telerik team
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