telerik dll conflict for SharePoint 2013

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  1. Neil
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    Posted 25 Jun 2015 Link to this post

    We have a commercial SharePoint 2013 web part application for which we license the Telerik.Web.UI dll, etc.

    We build the dlls with our own .snk file (e.g. unique PublicKeyToken) and custom initialization (so noone else can use the dlls).

    The dlls are installed in the GAC

    At a customer site, they have our web part app and that of another company who also installs their version of the Telerik.Web.UI dlls, etc.

    Problem - either one app or the other will work, but not both.

    While it is possible to specify a specific version of the dll (including PublicKeyToken) in the SharePoint web.config file, there can only be one web.config file for all web part apps (for that SP site collection) and in that web.config only qualifiedEntry element for the dll with the name Telerik.Web.UI.

    How to resolve (dynamic load of the specific dll?, build a "private" version of the Telerik dlls, rename the dll file/assembly name? Some other magic we don't know about?)

  2. Ianko
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    Posted 30 Jun 2015 Link to this post

    Hello Neil,

    The described situation is due to .NET Framework limitation—different version of the same assembly cannot be used in the same application.

    The best way to resolve this is to inform end-users that the Telerik.Web.UI assembly is used, so that they could take that into consideration and use a valid, licensed version of the same assembly version. The easiest way for them to resolve is upgrading to the needed version by using assembly binding redirects as suggested in this help article—

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  3. Neil
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    Posted 10 Jul 2015 in reply to Neil Link to this post

    We have resolved this issue.

    We have successfully installed and run both
    our SharePoint 2013 Web Parts and those of the other Web Part supplier on SharePoint
    2013 SP1. Both use the Telerik.Web.UI dll “set”, but different versions, signed
    with different snk files (resulting in different public key tokens).

    Logging dll loading with fuslogvw.exe
    showed that both versions of Telerik dlls loaded and bound successfully showing
    that the assertion that a SharePoint application can’t have two versions of the
    same dll (by the same name) does not apply – at least for web parts. We
    investigated loading of dlls and even with multiple different versions in the
    GAC or bin, our web parts would successfully find, load and bind the specific
    dll by name, version, culture and public key token.

    to why our end customer appears to be encountering a situation where having
    both sets of web parts installed causes the web parts from another vendor to
    fail with unexpected errors will have to be investigated for configuration
    specifics to our end customers SP 2013 server configuration.
  4. Neil
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    Posted 10 Jul 2015 in reply to Neil Link to this post

    Also note that this same situation exists for our end customer for SharePoint 2010 which also has this multi-version dll issue with the SP 2010 version of our web parts and the other web part supplier – and it has been working for years without issue.
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