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    I created a page with a tabstrip control and a Multipage control. The MultipPageID of the Tabstrip is set to the ID of the Multippage. In the codebehind, I load the tabs. I have the Tabstrip_TabClick event coded and the MultipPage_PageViewCreated coded.

    The first time I click on a tab, the TabClick event fires, where I add a new pageview for the tab.
    If I click a different tab, the PageViewCreated event fires before the TabClick event. At this point, I have no clue what tab was clicked, and don't know what to load. I tried using the tabstrip.selected property, but that shows the tab that was selected before I clicked the new tab.

    What is going on here? How do I get the TabClick event to fire BEFORE the PageViewCreated?

    EDIT: I just realized what is happening. The first time, there was't a pageview, so it had nothing to load in the PageViewCreated event. So, it executed the tabstrip_tabclick event. The second time I clicked a tab, it reloaded the first pageview and then created new pageview via the tabclick event. The third tab loads the first two pageviews via the pageviewcreated event, then the tabclick event for the third tab and then the new pageviewcreated event for the third tab.

    Ok, now I understand...
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