Synchronizing a webservice-loaded treeview hierarchy

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    I'm in the process of utilizing RadTreeview for a project, and the data displayed in the treeview may be voluminous, so I was looking at using a webservice-based deferred loading setup.  This deferred loading will have a few layers, so the user can expand the root node, it will then fetch the sub-nodes, some of which may themselves be expandable, thus triggering subsequent calls to the webservice to populate their sub-nodes.  However, I have a need to sync the treeview with the page being viewed.  I was wondering if anyone had tried to implement something like this before and could perhaps give some pointers.

    To provide more detail, my treeview may contain a nested data item that's two or three levels deep.  If the user is viewing a page associated with that data item, I'll need the treeview to load enough nodes to get to that item without the user having to re-open the nodes, and in the process re-fetch the sub-nodes from the webservice.  Ideally I'd like to pass the ID of the item and I can figure out on the webservice side what nodes have to be created.  My uncertainty centers around the fact that it's not a simple scenario of populating an expanded node.

    Has anyone dealt with a similar issue in the past and if so how did you solve it?

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