Suppressing a repeating column.

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    How do you suppress a repeating column in a report?

    My report currently looks like this:

    SalesPerson  Product Quotes 
    John   Cars 68 
    John   Vans 25 
    June   Cars 45 
    June   Cycles 22 
    June   Trucks 17 
    Tim    Trailers 16 
    Tim    Cars 45 
    Tim    Vans 12 
    Tim    Tractors 25 

    I wish to suppress the name of the salesperson so that it looks like this:
    SalesPerson  Product Quotes 
    John   Cars 68 
              Vans 25 
    June   Cars 45 
              Cycles 22 
             Trucks 17 
    Tim    Trailers 16 
         Cars 45 
         Vans 12 
         Tractors 25 

    What feature of the report designer allows me to do this? I have tried some grouping actions and it has not worked.

  2. Nasko
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    Hello John,

    To suppress the duplicate SalesPerson values you will need a Table item and appropriate grouping:
    1. Use the Table Wizard to add a new table.
    2. In the "Arrange fields" window drag the Product and Quotes fields to the Columns area and click next/finish until the end of the wizard.
    3. Select the table and open the Group Explorer window.
    4. Bring up the context menu of the (Detail) group and add a new parent group.
    5. Add a new expression in the Table Group window, which will group by the SalesPerson field and click OK.

    Another approach is to use filtering to suppress rows with a repeating SalesPerson. Then in order to show the full list of Product and Quotes you need to nest another Table inside the parent Table and bind its DataSource property to the parent's DataObject, as described in the How to use the ReportItem.DataObject property in expressions help article.


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