This topic provides a brief overview of the Group Explorer window, and its main features.

The Group Explorer is an aid to navigating report/table groups. The Group Explorer allows you to see the structure of the groups, to select them and change the Grouping, Sorting and Filtering. The Group Explorer can be especially handy for complex reports where there might be a lot of groups and it would be difficult to select a group and distinguish group hierarchy.

The Group Explorer allows you to easily apply grouping, sorting and filtering to your report. With this dialog, you don't need to manually invoke the Grouping dialog, Sorting dialog and Filtering dialog and define the group, sort and filter properties. Instead, you can use the Grouping, Sorting and Filter fields to do this with several intuitive mouse clicks.

You can get to the Group Explorer dialog by opening the Telerik menu in Visual Studio IDE (while you edit a report at design time)  --> Reporting and choose Group Explorer. It can be moved, sized or docked in the same manner as other IDE windows, and usually has the following look:

The Group Explorer can also be accessed from the context menu View | Group Explorer when right-clicking the area next to the report design surface.


When a table/crosstab item is selected, the Group Explorer dialog changes a bit to show you the Row/Column Groups:

It does not show the Static groups by default, but you can enable them from the "Display Mode" button:


You can also change the Layout of the Groups pane by switching between Horizontal and Vertical mode.