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    I have a web application that's making use of a SQLCE 4 database and I was just wondering what issues, if any, I should be aware of when working with sqlce and the radgrid. I'm also using the Entity Framework and have setup a Entity Data Model. Everything seems normal at this point...

    Some questions I'm trying to answer are;
    1. should I use an ObjectDataSource or an EntityDataSource?
    2. Which is better and why?
    3. Also, can I make use of the QueryExtender?
    4. Again, is there a reason why I should?
    5. Perhaps I should use the code behind and bind to Lists?

    I've not seen a lot of questions about sqlce and so as I dig in I'd thought ask if there was anything I should be aware of or watch out for.

    Please let me know and thanks!

    ~ Dave
  2. Vasil
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    Hello Dave,

    It depends on the scenario. Please note that we could not suggest you a design decisions about your application.

    If I could speak in general it would be that ObjectDataSource gives you more control and could be used in complex scenarios, also you could use QueryExtender whit it. If you have heavy business logic behind the site you would probably prefer to use ObjectDataSource.
    On the other hand if you have sampler scenario and just want to bind the grid to your datasource it would be easier to use EntityDataSource.
    And of course it is in important what you (or your developers)are comfortably with. If you have strength knowledge and/or experience in one of the models it would be easier for your to write a solution on it.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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