Speed up publishing? General question about Telerik DLL's and publishing.

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  1. Derek
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    Wondering whether anyone has suggestions about best practices for speeding up publishing.

    The developers on my project regularly update websites using the VS 2010 Publish Website wizard and FTP. The site files are generally less than 5mb, and then there are the 35mb of Telerik DLL and XML files. Files are precompiled, so no raw code is placed on the remote server.

    These applications often change; a new report is added, a form is modified, etc., and changes are posted as they are requested and completed. The publish wizard replaces the whole site structure, uploading 40mb of files of which at least 35mb haven't changed.

    Is there a reliable way to publish only the changed files, and exclude the Telerik files?

    TIA for any suggestions.
  2. O'Man
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    I dont think its possible. This is visual studio faeture not telerik. Any .dll you put in bin will move to server.

  3. Derek
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    Good point, O'Man.

    I should describe one thing we've tried. The build now occurs on the local file system (ie to a 'PrecompiledWeb' folder). Then, we're using an FTP tool (Syncback Pro) to do a mirroring of the local and the remote FTP folder. Mirroring does several things; it removes any files on the remote system that aren't on the local system, and it copies any files that are on the local system but don't exist (or are older) on the remote system. It's a two-step process, but for most of the applications we're uploading 5-6 mb of files rather than 50-60. This isn't normally a big issue, but several of these applications are modified often, sometimes several times a day.
  4. Answer
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    Yes, O'Man is right, everything that is located in the website is moved to the server. However, if you prefer to use the Publish WebSite wizard, you could remove all the unnecessary assemblies prior the upload process and thus they won't be transferred to the server.

    The other approach you have found out with FTP utility is also applicable.

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