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    The below code snippet is very close to resolving an issue with the sort order of .pdf and .xls documents, contained in a RadFileExplorer;

    The following sort order is an example of the issue; 
    DD 1-19-12.pdf
    DD 1-20-12.pdf
    DD 1-3-12.pdf

    The last file in the list (DD 1-3-12.pdf) should actually be listed first in this scenario; The date contained in the name of the file is probably causing the sort issue, but modifying the name of the file is not an option;  In the below code snippet, I have replaced Name with Path - but to no avail;

    The RadFileExplorer is being loaded in C#, by setting assigning ViewPaths and Upload Paths programmatically;

    void RadFileExplorer1_ExplorerPopulated(object sender, RadFileExplorerPopulatedEventArgs e)
               e.List.Sort(delegate(FileBrowserItem fileBrowserItem1, FileBrowserItem fileBrowserItem2)
                   return fileBrowserItem1.Name.CompareTo(fileBrowserItem2.Name); 
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