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    I have a WPF model with a table "table1" composed by "table1_column1", "table1_column2" and "table1_column3" and another table "table2" composed by "table2_column1", "table2_column2" and "table2_column3".
    I have a 0..1 relation from "table1" to "table2", it means that an object from "table1" can be related with 0 or 1 "table2" object.
    Now I have create a RadGridView that takes all the table1 objects as ItemsSource.
    I have the following columns in the RadGridView: "table1_column1", "table1_column2", "table1_column3", "table2_column1" and everything is working fine, except for two problems: if I try to sort the grid by "table2_column1" or use a filter on "table2_column1", no entry is shown in the table, just the headers.
    Sorting and filtering on "table1_column1", "table1_column2" and "table1_column3" work fine.
    Here is the RadGridView code.

    <telerik:RadGridView Name="dataGrid1" FrozenColumnCount="10" Margin="0,72,0,12" AllowDrop="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False" EnableColumnVirtualization="True" CanUserSortColumns="True" CanUserResizeColumns="True" CanUserReorderColumns="True" ShowGroupPanel="False" ShowColumnSortIndexes="False" MouseDoubleClick="showDetails">
                    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn x:Name="table1_column1" Header="table1_column1" DataMemberBinding="{Binding Path=table1_column1}" IsReadOnly="true"/>
                    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn x:Name="table1_column2" UniqueName ="table1_column2" Header="table1_column2" DataMemberBinding="{Binding Path=table1_column2}" IsReadOnly="true" Width="100" IsAutoGenerated="False"/>
                    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn x:Name="table1_column3" Header="table1_column3" DataMemberBinding="{Binding Path=table1_column3}" IsReadOnly="true"/>
                    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn x:Name="table2.table2_column1" Header="table2_column1" DataMemberBinding="{Binding Path=table2_column1}" IsReadOnly="true"/>

    Any suggestion?

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    You say you set RadGridView's ItemsSource to a DataTable. Would you please try setting it to DataTable.DefaultView instead? Does this help?


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