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Some special character comes up, in the generated Html, while performing some formatting within the Rad Editor.

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amit asked on 01 Dec 2008, 01:45 PM
We are planing to integrate the Rad Editor [ Telerik RADControls for ASP.NET 2007 Q4 Release] tool, into our application, for some html formatting and to exporting it into the Office-2007 Document.
[The export utility is done by us already].

While integrating the editor to our application, we are facing  some problems like:

  • When we use the Paste From Word feature, there we see some Special Character comes out in the final output to our Document. Technically, we have seen that the HTML is not appropriate. I have used the stripp word formatting feature as well, but is of no use. [FYI: We are pasting the contents from the Word-2007 Doc to the editor.]
  • When we use 'Insert Table' feature, within the editor, we are not been able to retain the border as an output to our Document.
  • The HTML formatting at various places, got disturbed like we lost bullets at many places.[This could be because of the same reason, the special character issue.]
  • When some one manually inserts some text and formate them within the editor, with the given features, the final outcome in the Document comes as of containg those Special Characters there as well.

    One of the example of special character sequence is.
     will provide timely access.....

Also on the different context, I am curious if the Rad Editor or any telerik component provided the functionality of exporting the editor's HTML to any document [word-2003 or word -2007, openoffice or any other one].
That means whatever design I will be performing on the editor should reflect into Document as it is, means with the proper formatting and coloring.

Looking for the great relations ahead, with you guys.

Many Thanks
Amit Kothari

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Telerik team
answered on 02 Dec 2008, 05:11 PM
Hi Amit,

RadEditor does not offer the requested functionality out-of-the box. RadEditor is an HTML/XHTML editor and it cannot directly load, decode and export to MS Word content. You should use a third party tool to convert the produced editor's HTML content to MS Word formatting.

In regards to the        Â problem, please, see the following forum threads on the subject:

The default table border is applied with global table style to the tables in the editor's content area that is why when the tables are displayed outside of the editor they do not have borders. If you would like to apply the default table border with inline style then my suggestion is to use the solution provided in this code library:

Inserting a new table with 100% width, using the “InsertTable” tool /

the Telerik team

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