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    Posted 02 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    I'm facing some strange behaviour with Radeditor in WSS 3.0.

    Current testing environment:
    - RadEditor MOSS 5.5.1 trial
    - copied Italian resource files in App_GlobalResources
    - browser is IE8
    - NewLineBr set to false in ListConfigFile.xml

    Here are some features I'm experimenting inconsistent behaviour with:

    1. If I activate FormatBlock tool (via ListToolsFile.xml), I keep getting style names in English; anyway, if I position the cursor within some text with specific paragraph settings (for example, "Heading 1"), the paragraph style combobox display the corresponding item translated (in italian). Actually, I suspect this is a browser related problem, because I get this very same behaviour with your demo available online.

    2. I'd like to replace all the available standard styles with fewer ones, giving them some internal names, yet using standard tags for them; for example, a style named "Main section" should apply html tag <h2>, while another named "Subsection" should apply tag <h3>. So I modified ListToolsFile.xml according to documentation, and I actually can get my custom items in paragraph styles listbox, and can successfully apply these styles as needed. Anyway, when cursor is within text which was assigned custom style "Main section" (ie, tag <h2>), I get the original style name in the listbox, "Titolo 2", or "heading 2" when using an english version of the browser. The same happens for text within <h3> tags, which shows "titolo 3" or "Heading 3" insted of my custom style "Subsection".

    3. If the last paragraph has a custom style, and I need to add more text after it, I can't get an easy way to reset style. For example, if the last existing paragraph has been applied style "Formatted", then as I add more text after it I keep getting it withing the closing <pre> tag. I have to switch to HTML panel and move desired text outside the <pre> tags. This behaviour too can be easily reproduced in the online demo.

    Are these notes correct or I've missed needed configuration steps?
    If true, are there any workarounds for these behaviours?

  2. Stanimir
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    Posted 04 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Riccardo,

    Regarding issues 1. and 2., try adding the following example code to the respective ToolsFile.xml.
        <paragraph name="Cancella la formattazione" value="&lt;body&gt;" />
        <paragraph name="&lt;H1&gt;Titolo 1&lt;/H1&gt;" value="&lt;H1&gt;" />
        <paragraph name="&lt;H2&gt;Titolo 2&lt;/H2&gt;" value="&lt;H2&gt;" />
        <paragraph name="&lt;H3&gt;Titolo 3&lt;/H3&gt;" value="&lt;H3&gt;" />

    Regarding the issue 3., we are aware of the problem and it is logged in our bug-tracking system. I hope that it will be fixed in one of our next releases.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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