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    Posted 28 Aug 2012 Link to this post

    I have a RadFileExplorer within my web page and at run-time, it displays any number of existing files and folders. Some of the file types that are displayed within the explorer are .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .txt, .wmv, and more.

    Users who browse to my website may experience 2 different types of behavior when they double-click on any one of the file types listed above (or when they right-click on a file and click Open). The first behavior (which is NOT the problem) that users experience when they double-click is that a radwindow will open, and display the file content. That’s the exact behavior that I want for all users to experience. In my case (I typically use IE 9), that is the default behavior that I always see. And what’s cool is that I really didn’t have to do any development work to make this happen; FileExplorer basically supports this behavior “out of the box”.

    The second behavior (which IS the problem) that other users experience is that when they double-click on any one of the same exact files, they initially see the radwindow open, but it is always blank. What follows is a prompt by their browser to Save, Save As, or Cancel.

    Initially I thought that the problem was a difference in browsers (IE vs. FireFox vs. Chrome, etc.). But then I discovered that some IE 9 users encountered the problem, while other IE 9 users did not.

    Then I thought that maybe some client machines may not have Adobe Reader installed, or they may not have a graphical tool capable of rendering images, or something like that. But with every client machine that I investigated, they all had the necessary tools for supporting the file types listed above.

    Is there some tweak that I can do with FileExplorer to ensure that the first behavior described above will always apply to every user? Is there something that I can add or modify within my web.config file?

    Thank you,
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    Posted 30 Aug 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Steven,

    Basically, when double clicking on a file in RadFileExplorer, the control is trying to open the file in the preview window which is a RadWindow control with a standard <iframe> element with src attribute pointing to the file to be diplayed - thus if the client's browser is able to display the file it should be displayed in the preview window as well.

    From the filetypes that you have listed, only the wmv files cannot be opened by the browser's out-of-the-box. The browser require appropriate plug-in (in this case WindowsMediaPlayer plug-in) to open specific files.

    Could you please verify that such plugin is installed on the problematic machines? If so, and / or the second behavior (download dialog popups) occurs with different filetypes, could you please sample page along with problematic files that can reproduce the problem so we can investigate the issue further?

    the Telerik team
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