Silverlight Chart compatibility with RadDock

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    Hi all,

    I've been exploring various options for visualizing data inside of docking components. 

    I had started with just using a Microsoft Chart Control inside of a RadDock. This works fine, but I was hoping to find better.
    I moved on to using a RadChart inside of the RadDock. I have no need for 'zooming' functionality and due to some other limitations (e.g. performance issues with large datasets / wishing it would resize with the RadDock) I decided to explore what my options were with Silverlight Charts.

    So, I spent some time ripping out the Silverlight RadChart displayed here: and moving it into my demo app. I ripped out basically everything except the actual chart and placed it inside of a Web User Control (.ascx). Through these means I was able to place the chart displayed into a RadDock.

    I went to test my app and... the chart disappears the second I move a dock! And it never comes back. 

    Are Silverlight controls incompatible with RadDock?
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    Posted 08 Dec 2010 Link to this post

    Hello Sean,

    The problem seems to be related to the way Silverlight framework works. If the HTML element, in which the Silverlight content resides, is moved in the DOM tree the Silverlight content gets refreshed.
    This is actually how the Drag and Drop functionality of the RadDock control works. When the RadDock control is moved it is actually moved in the DOM tree. Basically, if the dock is docked to a zone, its wrapping HTML element is a child to the RadDockZone's element, and if floating it's a child to the <form/> element. So, if the user moves the dock from a zone to a zone, or undocks/docks it from/to a zone, the dock's element changes its parent.

    To demonstrate that this issue is browser related behavior, I have created a sample project that moves the Silverlight content in the DOM tree. Please find it attached to the thread. I have searched for a solution to work around this issue, but couldn't find any.

    the Telerik team
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